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Membru ARA 
- Asociatia Româna a Apei


Activity Field

The Company is involved in many projects covering different fields such as:
• Medium Voltage substations: switchgears delivery and installation
• Low Voltage switch-gears: fabrication and commissioning
• Process Control and Automation
• Diesel Generators supply and installation
• Control and communication systems
• Civil, industrial and architectural lighting systems
• Safety and access control systems
• Installation and Commissioning for industrial plants
• Automation boards and pumps control panels
• Instrumentation, control and monitoring systems-SCADA
• PLC manufacturing
• Automation systems design
• Electrical, automation and control system for power plants
• Electrical Substations
• Overhead lines
• Telephone and paging system
• Fire fighting systems

Human Resources

Here at Probit, you will find experienced and motivated proffessionals who were trained both in Romania and abroad. They are willing to serve your needs with their economic, management and technical experience.
Probit team comprises:
~ 68% engineers and economists
~ 32% high qualified workers (electricians and mechanics, etc)


Our Objectives

• Increase functional safety
• Decrease of electrical power consumption
• Decrease maintenance and repairs time and costs
• User friendly solutions

Our Strategy

Our mission is to gain our client’s confidence through quality of our products and services we offer and each solution we elaborate.


• Electrical switchgear and distribution panels for MV
• Control and automation panels
• Command, control and protection equipment integrated in monitoring systems
• Acquisition and data transmission systems
• Monitoring programs
• SCADA system
• Industrial control

Solution for water supply systems

As Schneider Electric attested integrator, PROBIT offers technical solutions adapted for each application:
• Underground water supply systems
• Boosting stations
• Clean water pumping stations
• Fire fighting stations
• Tanks level monitoring
• Pressure and flow monitoring for water distribution network
• Waste Water Pumping Stations
• Treatment Plant
• Waste Water Treatment Plant
• SCADA systems

Solution for electrical networks

• Electrical power supply
• MV and LV distribution systems for Thermo and Hydro power plants
• Control panels including SCADA systems for hydro power plant
• MV and LV overhead lines
• MV substations


We have high qualified specialists in:

• Design and erection
- MV and LV installations
- Electrical installations, automations , monitoring systems for industrial processes and utilities
- Power plants, substations
- Distribution panels for MV and LV
- Electrical and automation panels
- Command, control and protection equipments for electrical motors
- Motor Control Center (MCC)
- Low currents installations: phone, paging system, fire alarms
- Instrumentation and control for industrial process
- Earthing and lightning systems
- Cable trays, fixing and connection systems
- Uninterruptible power systems-UPS
- Integrated automation solution
- Radio-communications systems
- Software for industrial application

• Installation and erection works

• Consulting, technical assistance and training

• Commissioning, testing and programming

• Technical assistance and support during guarantee and after guarantee period

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